Results our amazing clients achieved using our program:


Results just 21 days on our program:

Results from our 4 week program:

“I can’t say enough amazing things about what Carlie & Nick have done for me. Their programs are effective and suitable to your needs, and you will fall in love with fitness. If you want results, motivation, support, and a program that will change your life, NC Fitness is the place to go.” - Danielle F

Michael lost 30 pounds in 12 Weeks using our program: 


Shannon lost over 50 pounds from March to October:


Jenna lost 14 pounds in just 21 days using our program:

This strong mama completed our 4 week program:


Chelsea achieved a 1st place bikini championship title and BIKINI OVERALL TITLE using our program:


Breya won a top 5 placing using our program:


Cheryl placed top 5 in Masters Bikini using our program:


Less than 4 Week Progress using our program: 

Kristin is now a bikini athlete and yoga teacher:

After 16 weeks using our program:


Back and Glute Progress using our program:

NCFITNESS Coach Nicks progress using our programs:

4 Weeks using our program:


Shihans Progress using our program:


Just 4 Weeks using our program:


Another 4 Week Transformation using our program:


Just 2 weeks after starting our program:



NCFITNESS Competition Team Results using our programs:


What our clients have to say:

 “I started with NCFITNESS in the new year to help understand nutrition and meal plans better. They were completely customizable to my vegan diet. The variety of foods was unreal and the most tasty. My results I saw in a month was jaw dropping. Not just physical, but my mental health as well. I experienced happiness i never knew possible.” - Chelsea B


"Carlie and Nick are beyond professional and amazing at what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable they go above and beyond for each of theirs clients . From meal plans to workout plans they do everything to cater to everyone’s needs . Highly recommend if you are looking for a coach. The support they give is 100%." - Kayla B


 “Super friendly and knowledgeable! Carlie and Nick are both amazing humans with a true passion for fitness and for helping you through your journey.” - Bri B


“When people ask me about NCFitness I tell them about the kindness and ingenuity of Carlie and the knowledge and humor that Nick brought to the table along with the support felt from both of you” - Jordan R


“Carlie is the best online coach you could have! She’s so passionate about what she does and I think that really makes a difference for her clients.” - Sarah R


”Carlie is a beautiful soul! She’s an amazing coach who always listens to her clients and pushes you to succeed in a healthy way!” - Breya H

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The place where fitness enthusiasts learn, grow, and build the physique and LFIE of their dreams.


We’re Carlie & Nick...

The family behind NCFITNESS — one of the fastest growing online communities of fitness enthusiasts! We are en route to change 1 million lives worldwide.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s never stepped foot in a gym or a seasoned athlete, you are in the right place. We have helped many people start from the bottom and build their way up to their dream life and best physique. We have helped people become healthier and more fit than they ever imagined possible.

If you need accountability and a community who understands you, this is the place. If you need more clarity and a structured plan of action to get you where you want to be, you’re in the right spot.

This is the place where you’ll find years of education and lived experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a team of coaches who are passionate about changing YOUR life (just like we have changed ours). All packed into easy to follow programs that deliver RESULTS.

Click below to join our team and get started.

- Carlie Dusome and Nick Foessel


We started with no idea what we were doing. We simply knew we wanted something different for our life, we NEEDED something more. We were done feeling depressed, unhealthy and exhausted.

We gathered as much information as we could online (for free), but it only made things more confusing and difficult. There is SO much information out there on what to do and what not to do to get in the best shape of your life and improve your health. It can feel overwhelming and confusing…


We have built one of the most successful online fitness and health programs. We are now on a mission to change 1 million lives worldwide.

“I started from the bottom. I was depressed, eating horribly, and scared to step foot in a gym.” - Carlie

We felt so alone and lost starting this journey to a healthier, happier life. Which is exactly why we started the NCFITNESS community.

So people like us could find their support systems and actually achieve their goals. If you’re looking for motivation, resources and the exact tools you need to reach your goals, you are in the right place. NCFITNESS community is for you.


How Can We Support You?

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the NCFITNESS PROGRAMS:


You will be joining our community of fitness enthusiasts who are doing the same thing as you! Never feel alone again. We support you through check ins with your coaches.



With your very own private profile in our premium fitness app, you can track your progress and milestones. Everything you need to be successful is organized in a easy to use platform. We won’t let you fail.

The tools and resources you need to lose the weight and keep it off.


Let us introduce you to the NCFITNESS Nutrition Methods that have helped hundreds of women just like you BREAK past plateaus, lose body fat, and improve their health.

It’s one thing to lose the weight, but keeping it off for the long haul, maintaining your healthy physique, and truly ENJOYING your food is another.

We have tried the restrictive dieting, the diets that leave you feeling hungry and deprived. It works for a few weeks, then you plateau. You are left feeling worse than before. We broke past this unhealthy way of looking at nutrition. We found what works. A way to get the results and MAINTAIN THEM.

“I spent years doing the restrictive diets. I knew there had to be a better way.” - Carlie Dusome, Certified Nutritionist

Typical Restrictive Diets don’t work. They’re meant to keep you trapped in an unhealthy dieting cycle. We are here to help you BREAK THIS CYCLE, make educated decisions to lose the weight, gain your health, and MAINTAIN IT.



Your progress should be celebrated. Track and celebrate every success and milestone you reach along the way.


We have teamed up with BOSS Supplements to give you guys member only benefits! The best supplements and fitness apparel in the industry at member only discounts.

Our Programs Include Exclusive Expert Guides:

+ Workout Plans

+ Video Guided Workouts

+ Nutrition Guides

+ Meal Plan Samples

+ Progress Milestones

+ Weight Loss Tracker

+ Self Care and Rest



Because Wellness & Health are the highest form of happiness. A healthy body and mind improves all areas of our lives.

Look and feel your best.


We know you want results, fast. That is why we have done all the trial and error work for you. We found what works. No more wasting time trying different methods that leave you back in the exact same place you started (we have been there)…

Know you are doing exactly what you need to achieve the results you want to see.


Shannon Lost over 50 Pounds

Through consistent workouts and following our expert programs, she was able to maintain her weight loss. MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHE GAINED HER HEALTH AND CONFIDENCE

Holly Says She is Healthier & Stronger Than Ever.

“These programs have improved my life as a first time mom with minimal time, juggling a toddler, work and life. The program has been the perfect outlet for me to decompress every single day & live a healthier and stronger life.” - 12 WEEK PROGRESS

Chelseas Mental Health & Happiness Improved:

“The results I saw in a month were jaw dropping. Not just physical, but my mental health as well. I experienced happiness I never knew possible.”


The NCFITNESS Team Is For You If:

1. You’re looking to achieve your fitness goals in the healthiest, most maintainable way possible.


2. You’re motivated to grow as a person, as well as physically change your body.


3. You’ve been looking for a supportive team who understand what it’s like to be stuck in an unhealthy dieting cycle and are ready to BREAK that cycle.


4. You know you want to achieve your goals, but need the tools and resources to get there (just like when we started!)… we get it.


Never Feel Alone Again.

At NCFITNESS we believe it is wrong to do it alone when we have a team of motivated fitness enthusiasts and expert programs waiting to support you. We are eager to welcome you to the NCFITNESS family & show you just how amazing you can feel.

We did it and so can you.