Real life results achieved by our members using our customized 1:1 coaching

Vanessa’s results from our 6-month program:


Results just 21 days into our program:

Results from our 4-week transformation program:


Danielle’s progress after using our 3-month transformation program:


“I can’t say enough amazing things about what Carlie & Nick have done for me. Their programs are effective and suitable to your needs, and you will fall in love with fitness. If you want results, motivation, support, and a program that will change your life, NC Fitness is the place to go.” - Danielle F

Michael lost 30 pounds in 12-Weeks using our programs:


Shannon lost over 50 pounds on our 6-month program:


Jenna lost 14 pounds in just 21 days using our program:


This strong mom completed our 4 week program:


Chelsea achieved a 1st place bikini championship title and NATURAL BIKINI OVERALL TITLE on team NCFITNESS:


Breya won a top 5 placing in the Canadian Physique Alliance Natural Bikini show, using our programs. Pictured with Coach Carlie:


Cheryl placed top 5 in Masters CPA Bikini using our program:


Less than 4-weeks into our program, this busy working man achieved amazing weight loss results:


Kristin is a busy mom and is now a NCFITNESS bikini athlete and yoga teacher through her time on our team:


After just 16 weeks using our program, this busy woman achieved her goal:


Client Cristelle’s Back and Glute Progress using our program:

4 Weeks progress using our transformation program:


Shihans Progress using our 1:1 coaching program:


Just 4 Weeks using our program:


4-Week Transformation using our program:


Client progress just 2 weeks after starting our program:


28 days in working with us, this busy woman gained lean muscle and burned fat:






What our clients have to say:

 “I started with NCFITNESS in the new year to help understand nutrition and meal plans better. They were completely customizable to my vegan diet. The variety of foods was unreal and the most tasty. My results I saw in a month was jaw dropping. Not just physical, but my mental health as well. I experienced happiness i never knew possible.” - Chelsea B


"Carlie and Nick are beyond professional and amazing at what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable they go above and beyond for each of theirs clients . From meal plans to workout plans they do everything to cater to everyone’s needs . Highly recommend if you are looking for a coach. The support they give is 100%." - Kayla B


 “Super friendly and knowledgeable! Carlie and Nick are both amazing humans with a true passion for fitness and for helping you through your journey.” - Bri B


“When people ask me about NCFitness I tell them about the kindness and ingenuity of Carlie and the knowledge and humor that Nick brought to the table along with the support felt from both of you” - Jordan R


“Carlie is the best online coach you could have! She’s so passionate about what she does and I think that really makes a difference for her clients.” - Sarah R


”Carlie is a beautiful soul! She’s an amazing coach who always listens to her clients and pushes you to succeed in a healthy way!” - Breya H