March 2020
Jordan R. says:
I have been working with NCFitness for the past two months, what had originally started as a way for me to get myself started through the transformation challenge grew into so much more.

For the past 2 months they have given me the tools to work introspectively on myself as well my body. I feel better than I have in a long time and it is not just physically but the way I feel about myself.

When people ask me about NCFitness I tell them about the kindness and ingenuity of Carlie and the knowledge and humor that Nick brought to the table along with the support felt from both of you on the team and I will continue to recommend you and rep you at the gyms I attend in the form of my sweater!

Thank you for helping me back on track to being me again Nick and Carlie
February 2020
Danielle F. says:
I can’t say enough amazing things about what Carlie & Nick have done for me. Their programs are effective and suitable to your needs, and you will fall in love with fitness. If you want results, motivation, support, and a program that will change your life, NCFITNESS is the place to go. I can’t wait to start another program in the future. Thank you both for everything you’ve done for me!
January 2020
Cristelle F. says:
I started with NcFitness just over 2 years ago and can honestly say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I started by following their 16 week transformation program to stepping on stage as a transformation and bikini athlete 2years later, after losing over 40lbs and gaining so much muscle! Nick and Carlie are extremely supportive while pushing you to be your best. I really look forward to stepping on stage with them again! NcFitness is not only my fitness team, they are now family. I couldn't be more thankful to have them in my life! I am beyond proud of our hard work. I’d recommend NcFitness to anyone looking to start their fitness journey!
October 2019
Chelsea Burke says:
I started with NC in the new year to help understand nutrition and meal plans better. they were completely customizable to my vegan diet. and the variety of foods was unreal and the most tasty. my results i saw in a month was jaw dropping. not just physical, but my mental health as well. i experienced happiness i never knew possible. i quickly formed a trusting relationship with both nick and carlie and continued to work with them past my month of customizable meal plans and workout plans. they helped me understand and appreciate my body more i have never experienced. i found a new love for the gym and eating healthy. both nick and carlie were readily available any time
of day for any of my anxious thoughts or moments to be proud of. they are real and honest and 110% knowledgeable in this business. they aren’t just about the next client. they are all about forming relationships, listening to your dreams and concerns, and helping to live out those dreams. they have honestly changed my life for the better. and i wouldn’t want anyone else guiding me through my fitness journey.
October 2019
Sachia Grogan says:
Nick and Carlie are EXCEPTIONAL coaches! I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience through self-made training and meal plans for numerous years. Knowing I wanted to take my training to a new level and compete, I had to find coaches that would be appreciative and understanding of my starting point and input. By incorporating my personal preferences and allowing for flexibility throughout my program, they have made me feel like an integral part of the team. They have challenged me to push myself physically to new limits, while encouraging me to grow mentally, as well. They have cheered me on every step of the way and have provided an endless amount of support. I can’t wait to represent NCFitness on stage! :)
October 2019
Kayla Burnett says:
"Carlie and Nick are beyond professional and amazing at what they do. Not only are they knowledgeable they go above and beyond for each of theirs clients . From meal plans to workout plans they do everything to cater to everyone needs . Highly recommend if you are looking for a coach. The support they give is 100%."
September 2019
Tracy Johnson says:
This was by far the easiest and best program I’ve ever been on. I made the commitment to do it and I reached one of my goals in record time. Once I started and saw results so fast it gave me the motivation and confidence to continue. 
Nick and Carlie are the best coaches always available to answer questions. They want me to be the very best and made sure I had everything I needed.
I feel fantastic and healthier then I have in a very long time.
September 2019
Sinead Tate says:

If you are looking for meal plans, workouts, help with weight loss or competitions I could not recommend Carlie and Nick more! They are so knowledgeable and truly care about all of their clients. They make the time to get to know you and your needs and make plans that fit you. They are both very passionate about what they do and the results they get are a reflection of this. You will not be disappointed they are amazing !! (They also provide vegan meal plans 😍😍

August 2019
Patricia Cadieux says:
I started 12 days ago and its been great I am feeling so much better. nick and Carlie are a text or message away everyday, there support have been amazing. I don't have to go to the gym nick and carlie created a workout plan for me with what I had at home. Awesome concept. This is the boost i needed to get started and be healthy. My son gave me this as a gift. I saw a post on fb the other day it said something like this...IF YOU DON'T SPEND TIME ON FITNESS YOU WILL SPEND TIME ON ILLNESS It resonated with me. I will invest in my health
June 2019
Darby Brown says:
Nick and Carlie are absolutely incredible trainers! I have worked with them for both an 8 week and a 12 week program, and saw incredible results with both weight loss and increased muscle definition. I learned a huge amount about my body and nutrition, and I was able to use the programs to develop habits which I continue to maintain! I would recommend NCFitness to anybody in a heartbeat. I look forward to working towards a bikini comp in the future with their guidance and support! ❤️
April 2019
Angela Staples says:
I am on my second meal and workout plan. I feel full, energetic, my skin is clearer, I am losing weight, losing inches and my mental health has improved. 
What more could I ask for?
January 2019
Bri Berriault says:
Super friendly and knowledgeable! Carl and Nick are both amazing humans with a true passion for fitness and for helping you through your journey.
September 2018
Breya Hook says:
Carlie is a beautiful soul inside & out! She’s an amazing coach who always listens to her clients and pushes you to succeed in a healthy way!
August 2018
Sarah Renner says:
Carlie is the best online coach you could have! She’s so passionate about what she does and I think that really makes a difference for her clients  I’ve been working with her since April and she has helped me so so much! Her structured workout plans and nutrition programs really helped me to develop better habits and reach some goals! Her programs have helped me build a better relationship with food and I couldn’t be more thankful for all her support throughout my journey! 
She’s a one of a kind and I think that if you have the chance to work with her you should because you won’t be disappointed 
August 2018
Benjamine Rowe says:
Started a plan with her and she's been supportive, kind, and super encouraging all the time. Very talented girl she is.
August 2018
Meg Labrie says:
Carlie truly takes the time and puts her heart and soul into every one of her clients. Customizing whatever is best to suit their goals both physically and mentally. She supports and encourages you and gives tough love when needed because she knows what you're capable of! I've had the privilege to work with her on more than one occasion. She is a wonderful coach, and an even more wonderful person
August 2018
Brian Baker says:
Carlie is super motivating and makes you do things you things you didn’t know you could do! My legs don’t like her the day after a workout... but they get over it eventually
August 2018
Christian Linkert says:
I've been working with Carlie for over a year, and I'm extremely happy with the results I'm seeing but more so with the support I receive from her.
August 2018
Shannon Nicole says:
The most amazing strong and beautiful woman 🤗 Anyone looking to start their fitness journey or change up their routine Carlie’s your girl! Her programs are adapted to fit your goals and lifestyle. She’s not only amazing at keeping you motivated but also provides support throughout your programs. I highly recommended both her challenges and personalized programs. She’s always helping me reach my goals both mentally and physically and always keeps me on track 😊
August 2018
Samantha McCabe says:
Always so inspiring and motivating. Not just the knowledge she has but the compassion and understanding for others. She’s so dedicated and focused on not just physical fitness but overall mindset and wellbeing which you don’t often see in coaches and trainers. When taking the journey to changing, improving, or just gaining an overall healthier lifestyle you want someone by your side that is understanding, patient and genuinely cares and has your best interest at heart. Through and through this is her. So whether you want to shed some weight, gain some muscle, have healthier eating habits and especially a healthier mindset, I highly recommend her.
August 2018
Mark Sampson says:
 If your looking for the best online coach then you need to hit Carlie up!!!
January 2017
Shawn Brunelle says:
Carlie has helped me with a meal plan for my life style. Being a flight attendant makes it very difficult to eat healthy !!! I saw the results very quickly of eating the proper foods at the right times!!!
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