Competition Prep Package | 16 Week

Competition Prep Package | 16 Week

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Your prep length with vary depending on your current physique and stage day goal.


16 Week Competition Prep Package:

- Nutrition guidance (meal plans and everything you need to be successful)

- Weight Training and cardio routines for the entire prep

- Peak week (week of the show) guidance - contact through phone 24/7

- SHOW DAY guidance (phone calls, text, FaceTime, we may be able to attend your show depending on date and location.) 

- WEEKLY and 2x/week check ins leading up to your show date

- Help choosing your suit style and colour, hairstyle, and show day 

- Special supplement discounts


For beginners to seasoned athletes - anyone can sign up.


Please email for more information on competition prep and rates:

EMAIL: or fill out our contact form through this website.