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Competition Prep Package

Competition Prep Package

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16 Week Competition Prep Package:

Completely customized programs for bikini prep, fitness model prep or transformation show.

This package includes:

- Nutrition programs (meal plans and everything you need to be successful)

- Weight Training and cardio routines for the entire prep

- Peak week (week of the show) guidance - daily support

- SHOW DAY guidance (phone calls, text, FaceTime, we may be able to attend your show depending on date and location.) 

- WEEKLY and 2x/week check ins leading up to your show date

- Help choosing your suit style and colour, hairstyle, and show day 

- Special supplement discounts at Boss Supplements


Posing Lessons and stage presence classes are available for competition prep as well

For beginners to seasoned athletes!

Beginners and first time competitors are welcome!

Please note: Your total prep length with vary depending on your current physique, health, and stage day goal. Please email us for more information on competition prep and rates. We will be able to determine your prep length. 

EMAIL: or fill out our contact form through this website for more information regarding how long you will need to complete a prep. 

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