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Coach Carlie Foessel

A dedicated fitness and health coach, with over a decade of experience, Carlie’s passion for helping women transform their physical and mental health has touched the lives of over 500 people, worldwide. 

Carlie started her own fitness transformation at the young age of 19 while battling her own health struggles and mental illness. Through nutrition and exercise, she completely transformed her body, her health and ultimately the track of the rest of her life. 

She now devotes her career to helping other women realize their true potential through holistic fitness and health. She has helped hundreds of women through her online support and personalized programs.

A Decade of Experience: 

Carlie is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer through the most highest recognized coaching certification worldwide, The International Sports Sciences Association.

Mother and Wife:

Carlie is a proud Mother and wife. She understands the essential needs of Mothers and women in general to be extremely healthy and well taken care of, as the health of the mother impacts the entire family unit.

She has a passion for holistic fitness, meaning taking the entire body and mind as a whole into account when addressing a health and healing routine. 

Professional Bikini Competitor:

Carlie has won multiple first place and top 5 titles in her Professional Bikini Bodybuilding career. She has competed with the Canadian Physique Alliance, starting back in 2013.

Carlie has successfully coached multiple other women to top 5 placings in both natural bikini and natural transformation competitions within the CPA and IDFA.




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