Coach Nick Foessel

Coach Nick Foessel

As one of NCFITNESS’ head coaches, Nick specializes in strength training and muscle growth.

His passion extends far beyond the physical transformation, as he advocates for mental health through lifestyle changes, exercise and nutrition. 

Nick has helped transform over 1,000 lives worldwide through online coaching, support, and fitness programs. His focus on whole body health, while customizing to each individuals needs, is what has helped so many people transform their own lives through fitness.

Nicks Transformation:

Nick grew up in Ontario and started his fitness and health journey over a decade ago, when he turned 19. He used exercise and good nutrition to combat mental health struggles and completed his own personal transformation. He became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist in his early 20s to help other people do the same and take back their life.

Specializing in Strength Training:

Nick excels in strength training, helping his clients optimize their health through weight training and muscle-growth. With over a decade of experience, he has the tools and keys to increasing your strength and improving overall muscle growth.


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