Who Are We?

➥ We are Nick and Carlie, head coaches and owners of NCFITNESS
➥ We created this team to help as many individuals and families as we can
➥ Create healthier lifestyles through exercise, nutrition, self care, and our support

Our Family
We are a family from Barrie, Ontario who coaches clients worldwide through online programs and communication. We have successfully coached hundreds of clients over the years to change their lives in the healthiest and most maintainable ways possible. Our daily mission as NCFITNESS coaches is to help as many people as we possibly can create healthier, and ultimately HAPPIER lives through our programs and support. We hope that each individuals lifestyle changes will positively impact their friends and families lives as well. "Happiness is the highest form of Health"

Nick Foessel - Head Coach, Owner

Nick started his personal health and fitness transformation back in college. He found the gym as an outlet for frustration and anxiety. Through his personal experiences, Nick found exercise, nutrition and self care to be beneficial tools in his personal growth and happiness. He spent years transforming his body and mind into who he is today. He is passionate about helping others find their own happiness and health through fitness with his guidance and support.

Nick is 27 years old. He enjoys exercising and focuses on bodybuilding and strength training for his personal goals. He is living out his dream of helping others achieve their personal goals through his supportive coaching methods. Nick is caring and compassionate and knows how to really push his clients to realize their full potential.


Carlie Dusome - Head Coach, Owner

Carlie's health and fitness journey started back when she was in high school. She has 3 years competitive cross country running experience, 7 years as a competitive cheerleader, and 7 years experience competitive bodybuilding in the bikini division. Her bodybuilding and nutrition career began back when she was in University at Western Ontario. Her passion for health and fitness came from her own personal experience battling mental health, anxiety and depression. She used exercise, nutrition, self care and self-taught healing tools to create overall wellness and happiness in her own life - and continues to today.

Carlie is 27 years old and a mother to her newborn daughter. Her goal is to create change so our children have a healthier future. She is a very passionate mental health and wellness advocate through her social media platforms and uses exercise, self care and nutrition as tools to help others live healthier and happier lives.


NCFITNESS is Certified Internationally through the International Sports Sciences Association

➥ Carlie and Nick are internationally recognized certified Personal Trainers

➥ ISSA is the world leader in Fitness Certifications since 1988